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Jul 15, 2016
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Jan 04, 2016
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Sep 21, 2016
Green House Project in Rolwaling Lead by Nima Temba Sherpa on behalf of Mount Ev...

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About Us


Everest summiters club , established and registered on August 29 2001 AD. under company registration act 2034 B.S. is the only social welfare organization of mountain climbers , of Rolwaling. The club was created under common consent and effort of the mountain workers of Rolwaling, to work together for social, economic and cultural development of Rolwaling community.

Today , in 21st century, Nepal lags behind the other nations , and Sherpas are the one who are lagging more behind other ethnic groups of Nepal. Despite being a potential tourist destination in Nepal , the remoteness and government’s indifference has kept the Rolwaling inhabitants deprived from education, health, communication , electricity and employment facilities ; and also unknown to outside world.

The club aims to overcome all the above problems faced by Rolwaling community through community effort. The major aims of the club includes bringing education, health electricity and communication facilities ; preserving the culture and tradition of Rolwaling ; and economic development through promotion of tourism.

“Community Welfare Through Community Effort “ is the main philosophy of the club . And the club relies on the money and time of its members. Also the donations of our kind donors are indispensable to achieve our goal.


  • Promote the welfare of the community and improve quality of life.
  • Preserve and promote the culture of Rolwaling.
  • Promote tourism in Rolwaling.
  • Preserve and manage the natural resources of Rolwaling.
  • Build infrastructures in the community.
  • Provide health and education facilities in the community.
  • Provide financial and necessary support to needy community members.
  • Organize skill and knowledge development programmes.
  • Promote and strengthen collective self- reliance among the community members.
  • To contribute to mutual trust , understanding and appreciation of one another’s problems.
  • Introduce mount everest summiters to the national and international community.
  • To strengthen cooperation with other community in matters common interest