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Our Works: Current Project

We are currently involved in two medium level projects. This project is one of our efforts to preserve the culture and promote cummuntiy welfare. Following is our ongoing project:

  • 1. Reconstruction of Sangag Choling Monastery & kitchen in Rolwaling
  • 2. Didi
  • 3. Preservation of culture and tradition of rolwaling
  • 4. Greenhouse project in Na, Rolwaling

1. Reconstruction of Sangag Choling Monastery & kitchen in Rolwaling;

The Sangag Choling Gompa is a valuable gift of our ancestors. It is 300 years old. It is the heart of Rolwaling culture and tradition. But now it needs some renovation. So, prompt renovation of the gompa is our current focus.

2. Didi

Who are Didis?

Didis means sisters in Nepali language. Here Didis refers to young ladies , who live in Rolwaling.

In today’s modern era education is a basic need . But our didis in Rolwaling are still illiterate. They are confined to household activities . Their daily routine includes rearing animal and working on farms.

What is the’ Didi Project ‘about?

As the name suggests, this project is about the Didis. Apart from being busy on potato field and rushing after animals, some Didis try to run teashops and lodge , the only source of little income for them. But the Didis know almost nothing about foreign culinaries , foreign language and managing a teashop and lodge.

The project plan is to run health care, language classes and cooking training for Didis. They will be given cook training in a good cook training center in Kathmandu. They will also have healthcare and English language classes.

When does the project start?

The project will start this coming winter, January /February 2011. The training and language class will run for several months, till winter ends. This is because the Didis are busy all year round, except in winter season. The project will be held for two or three consecutive years. This is to ensure that the Didis learn well and the project achieves its objective.

How will the project benefit the Didis?

Rolwaling is one of the tourist destinations in Nepal. It has a very good prospect of tourism. Our Didis can make good money for living by running lodges and teashops . And from this project they will gain knowledge on foreign culinaries and how to cook them as well. They will learn to communicate with their foreign guests. Also they will get knowledge on basic healthcare and sanitation.

We believe , at the end of the project our Didis will gain self confidence and valuable knowledge and skills that will be helpful throughout their life.

3. Preservation of culture and tradition of rolwaling


4. Greenhouse project in Na, Rolwaling