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Mar 08, 2010
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Mar 08, 2010
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Our Works: Past Activities

We have successfully accomplished some works in recent years. Following are short descriptions on our past projects:

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1. Na Gompa Renovation Project:

This project was the first project of our club in Rolwaling. The Na Gompa is the second major gompa of Rolwaling. This ancient gompa had been completely dilapidated . So prompt renovation work was done.

The project brought back Na gompa , back to existence. We have got back our valuable heritage and now it is a tourist attraction in Rolwaling.

2. The cleaning project

This project was about cleaning the prominent mountain peaks in rolwaling – pharchamo and ramdung. the project was funded by Nepal Mountaineering Association and Rolwaling community. The garbages accumulated around the mounatain peaks in Rolwaling was collected and disposed off properly.

The project has made the mountain peaks free from pollution .

3. Stupa project:

Stupa is an important monument for Buddhists. It represents heart of God.

Around 17 years ago an important stupa was carried away by flood. So we built a new stupa in 2003 AD.

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4.Gabion Project:

The river flowing through Rolwaling has always posed threat to us. The river overflows during rainy season sweeping away our farms and houses. So, in 2007 under Swiss Development Corporation’s donation we constructed gabions to prevent the water overflow.

We feel safer now. we are grateful l to Swiss Development Corporation.