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Jul 15, 2016
Construction of Monastery Kitchen(Tapsang) works has been finally completed. Loads of t...
Jan 04, 2016
Zinc Sheet distribution to the local people of rolwaling for the...
Sep 21, 2016
Green House Project in Rolwaling Lead by Nima Temba Sherpa on behalf of Mount Ev...

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Rolwaling: Trekking

Rolwaling is one of the trekking areas in Nepal. It has got everything to offer a trek lover. While trekking in Rolwaling one can experience and enjoy a bus ride on swirling hills, walk along river, breathtaking waterfalls, walking up and down on gigantic hills, sherpa culture and magnificient mountain peaks etc.

The trekking route is quite interesting and challenging. One can realize the wonderful feeling of being lost into peace and tranquility.

The natural resources , its beauty and the culture are completely unspoiled till now. The valley offers the opportunity to see primitive human civilization.

Since very less foreigners know about this hidden valley tourist flow is very less in comparision to other trekking regions. Though it is remote, it is accessible. There are no perfect lodging facilities on the trekking route, so the accommodation is done by camping.

There are many other valleys in Nepal. Ofcourse they are all good. But we strongly recommend you to visit Rolwaling, because Rolwaling is ‘the hidden valley’. There are lots of things to explore and find out.

We ,the Rolwaling community, heartly welcome you to Rolwaling. And we assure you, we make your vacation fun, interesting and educative.

Thank you